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Sandy 'Spin' Slade: Beyond Basketball
A Sandy Slade Biography

Only a few years after America celebrated its bicentennial, the spirit of independence still lingered in Solon Springs, Wisconsin, population 500. There, a 12-year-old girl attended a basketball camp on the money she won from a fishing contest raffle ticket. The guest speaker spun a couple basketballs and performed some tricks. Seeing the elation on the faces in the crowd caused that little girl to vow, "I'm going to do that for a living." She went home, informed her amused-but-supportive parents of her career decision, and immediately began practicing. At her junior year spinning debut -- in front of a hometown crowd -- she was ridiculed and booed off the court.

If the child crying beside her two basketballs in a musty Wisconsin locker room had been anyone but Sandy Slade, that might have been her lone performance. But this young girl believed in a bigger picture, and knew she had a dream that would someday cause those once-booing heads, to spin...

Thirtysomething years later, Sandy 'Spin' Slade is considered by pros and coaches to be the one of the best basketball handlers in the world. A one-woman Globetrotter, Slade's performances are upbeat, exciting and impressive. Her basketball wizardry has taken her around the globe for school assemblies, basketball camps/clinics, special events, tournaments, college and pro halftimes -- and yes, school reunions in Solon Springs, Wisconsin.

Slade performs over 250 shows a year worldwide for a million people. The well-received subject of newspaper, television and even radio interviews, the Fresno State graduate has also appeared on "The David Letterman Show" as well as smaller market talk/variety shows. Featured in publications such as Sports Illustrated, she also appeared in a TV commercial for Nintendo. Regarding her skill:

"Sandy makes a great ball player feel like a terrible ball handler -- I thought I could handle the ball!"

  -- Teresa Edwards, Five-Time Olympian

"I don't get impressed by things too often -- Sandy Slade impressed me."

  -- John Stockton, NBA/Utah Jazz

Additionally, Sandy Slade is known as one of the country's premier clinicians. Her "Striving for Skills" camps and clinics are held nationwide to improve the basketball skills of young players and expose them to positive formulas for personal improvement. Slade has the ability to teach in a unique and effective manner so each participant finishes the day with a newfound self-confidence regarding his/her abilities and the determination to continue developing those skills.

"A magician with the ball, Sandy shows kids what practice and determination are all about."

  -- Vinny Del Negro, NBA/Milwaukee Bucks

Slade established Spinsational Publishing with her first book, Off The Rim: Thoughts and Observations of the Game, endorsed by both the Women's Basketball Coaches Association and The Women's Sports Foundation. Her instructional booklet, The Art of Handling the Rock: Thirty Minute Workout Guaranteed for Success was released in 1998 to much popularity.

Not limiting herself to young athletes, Slade also conducts extremely popular FUNdamentals workshops for physical education teachers, focusing on how to make basketball fun and healthy for students. Due to high demand, Spinsational Publishing produced a one-hour instructional video highlighting aspects of this workshop -- Teaching Basketball FUNdamentals...Without Being An Expert -- in 1999.

"Sandy's...skill, attitude and passion for basketball are second to none!"

  -- Brenna Baringer, 1999 Teacher of the Year, CA League of Middle Schools

"Sandy's enthusiasm, not only in demonstrating her own phenomenal basketball talents, but also in teaching and sharing skills with others, is infectious. She is a terrific motivator!"

  -- Andy Blanchard, Past President, NH Assoc. for Phys. Ed., Recreation & Dance

"An audience, no matter what age level, will be impacted by the enthusiasm and skill given by Sandy, and will go away with a great appreciation for what she does."

  -- Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee & TV Analyst, Ann Meyers

Slade launched a web site at Sandy 'Spin' Slade in 1997, which now serves as a spinformation center and Internet storefront for Spinsational Publishing and other basketball books, fitness games, t-shirts and videos. "I can't just spin forever," Slade says, "You've got to plan for the future."

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